Actress Jessica Alba is preparing for a rowdy Christmas - because her dad and father-in-law always bet on rival American football teams whenever they tune in to watch the big holiday games.
The Fantastic Four star and her husband Cash Warren open their home to their relatives every year and there's always one thing they can count on - a little friendly competition when they gather in front of the television on Christmas Day (25Dec10).
She tells MTV show The Seven, "We have a big family holiday situation, like 84 people at our house. I don't cook for everyone, but I do cook at least one turkey and I do like four or five sides, so we bring both of our families together and have a big football watching thing.
"My father-in-law went to UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) and my father went to S.C. (University of Southern California), so we have a rivalry. At Christmas time one wears an S.C. santa hat, and the other wears a UCLA santa hat and then they bet each other."