Jessica Alba was ill so often as a teen, she dedicated four years of her life to living as a hardcore Christian.

The Sin City beauty, 24, battled a series of health problems and also went through period of reflection as she grew up, leading her to embrace the church and look for answers there.

She says, "I was questioning why I was on this planet. I was like, 'I'm not just floating through life like everybody else - I hate school, I don't have any friends, I feel like an alien in my family. There has to be something out there.'

"I guess that was my only way to wrap my head around mortality. And I was sick all the time, so I thought about death a lot.

"I had asthma and kidney problems, and my tonsils would swell up and I couldn't breathe. My lungs collapsed while I was in surgery once. I turned blue twice. And when I was 10, my appendix almost burst. It was just hell being a kid."