Shy actress Jessica Alba was so terrified about stripping off for revealing scenes in new comic book adaptation SIN CITY she got drunk and visited strip clubs to prepare.

The sexy DARK ANGEL star was supposed to strip completely in select sequences but insisted on peeling off to a revealing bikini instead.

But Alba did promise director ROBERT RODRIGUEZ she'd pull off the dance routines despite her shyness - and her no-nudity clause.

She says, "I'm not someone who likes to go onstage and be a star. So, I just went to a bunch of strip clubs to do research.

"I would have to get a little tipsy, though, because it's kind of intimidating talking to these women with incredible bodies who are writhing in front of you.

"I hit about four strip clubs in LA, two in New York, and two in Texas."

And Alba decided to add a lasso to her stripping routine in the film after teaming with a rope trick expert.

She adds, "I had a rope guy teach me how to twist it around like a lasso and stuff. I just spent every night in Texas in the Four Seasons (hotel) in my underwear, knocking over lamps trying to lasso things."

23/03/2005 02:54