Jessica Alba went to great lengths to play a blind violinist in new horror movie The Eye - she took music lessons and followed a blind woman around New York for days. The sexy star admits playing blind was easier than picking up and instrument because she's far from musically inclined. She says, "I started taking violin lessons pretty consistently, starting with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - which I don't think I could even play that well, still. "And then I hung out with a girl who is a musician for a living. She's lived all over the world by herself and she's been blind since she was three. "I had different notions of what it would be like to be blind and how people conduct themselves and she kind of threw all that out the window. I picked up with how she interacts with people and how she gets around the world; how she walks down the street counting steps and how she opens doors. "She moved around her landscape with such ease, she's very graceful."