FANTASTIC FOUR star Jessica Alba has slammed Hollywood for only casting stereotypically beautiful women and allowing the majority of films to be directed by men.

The 24-year-old is disgusted by the way the industry fails to present a true portrayal of the female population, and calls for more women behind the camera to end the bias.

She says, "There are a few exceptions but for the most part there are not many women making movies.

"There are not many female writers or directors either, and if you split it in half, 50 per cent of the movies are not being headlined by women.

"I never see myself as a beautiful woman and have never traded on that to get ahead in this business.

"If you are semi-attractive, film-makers are going to make you more attractive.

"The fact is that people don't want to look at a leading lady who isn't pleasing to the eye - just like there aren't a lot of unattractive men in movies.

"Brad Pitt wouldn't be getting $20 million or more a movie if he wasn't beautiful."

28/07/2005 09:27