Jessica Alba's proudest moment came when she was just seven - when she helped a bullied boy learn how to swim. The actress recalls saving the kid from a group of bullies, who were diving on top of him at her local swimming pool, and then teaching him the 'doggie paddle'. Alba, a self-confessed "expert swimmer", tells MTV News, "Everyone jumped on top of him - it was like this game of, 'Let's jump on top of the kid that can't swim.' He was drowning. "I saved him and I pulled him out (of the water). He had tears coming out of his eyes and he was choking. "My biggest accomplishment was getting him back in the water because my mom was like, 'Once you get kicked off the horse, you get right back on that saddle...' and he got back in the water and I taught him how to doggie paddle... My mom gave me bonus points for that one."