Jessica Alba refused to bare all while playing a stripper in Sin City, because she was too nervous to show her naked body. The 25-year-old was given the option to appear naked by the film's directors Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez, but decided to pass up the offer. She tells Elle magazine, "I don't do nudity. I just don't. Maybe that makes me a bad actress. "Maybe I won't get hired in some things. But I have too much anxiety." Alba was furious when Playboy magazine bosses published a photo of her wearing a bikini in their March (06) issue, which she claims suggested she had posed naked inside. She adds, "It was against who I am and what I represent. I've been working so hard to be somebody else, and it just wasn't cool." Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner apologised and made undisclosed donations to two charities Alba supports to help make amends.