Sexy actress Jessica Alba is planning a JENNIFER LOPEZ-inspired makeover in a bid to boost her career.

The 22-year-old screen beauty, who most recently hit screens in the dance movie HONEY, is telling friends she hopes her new image will catapult her to international superstar status.

A pal explains, "Jessica wants to take everything to the next level this year, including her style.

"Ever since Honey, people have been telling her that she looks like a younger version of Jennifer Lopez."

Alba's 32-year-old boyfriend Mark Wahlberg has also been giving her advice on raising her profile.

The source adds, "Mark suggested that since she's already such a beautiful girl, she just has to bump her presentation up a notch. So now she;s learning as much as she can about fashion so she can kill them on the red carpet like J.LO."

22/01/2004 09:40