Jessica Alba has lost her perfectly sexy look after chipping a tooth during a kissing scene in her new movie. The actress admits she and Good Luck Chuck co-star Dane Cook went too far with one energetic love scene and they both needed dentistry work. She explains, "I chipped my front tooth doing a kiss with Dane and he chipped his bottom tooth. "We were doing this comedic Mr + Mrs Smith love scene, and we were slamming into walls and breaking things and tumbling over couches and stuff. "At one point, he slammed my head into a picture frame and, while my head was smacking into the wall and breaking the picture, his teeth slammed into my teeth. "Now I have a bond on my tooth and when I take it off I look like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber." But Alba insists she won't be rushing to get the problem permanently fixed: "I can definitely take the bond off of my tooth and throw people off a bit. I get to take this thing off and be somebody else for a little while. It's like a disguise."