Actress Jessica Alba is considering writing a new clause into her contract - no monkeys.

The SIN CITY star, who already has a no-nudity clause in her contract, has had terrifying encounters with apes on film sets and she now never wants to see another monkey when she's shooting.

She recalls her first terrible encounter came when she was a child star in dolphin movie FLIPPER.

She explains, "This monkey bit my brother on purpose. He, like, ran across the yard and latched onto my brother's calf and took a chunk out. Ever since then... I don't like monkeys. "I did another movie and wild monkeys would come and just take your food. We were in Borneo, I was shooting in the jungle. They go to the bathroom and they just throw it at you. I don't like to interact with monkeys."

Alba reveals her most recent encounter with a monkey, named TIA, was her most frightening - while she was filming some skits for the MTV Movie Awards, and had to kiss the ape.

She recalls, "Somehow she Frenched (kiss using tongue) me. Her whole tongue scraped all my teeth and my gums... and I was like `Oh my goodness.'

"I looked toward the camera and I finished the rest of the dialogue and I looked over and I made eye contact with Tia... I thought she was gonna bite my nose off. Monkeys are terrifying."

09/07/2005 01:39