Beautiful actress Jessica Alba has warned love rivals not to mess with her boyfriend CASH WARREN - because she'll happily get physical when her jealousy kicks in.

The stunning SIN CITY star admits she's not happy to share her man and will fight off other girls who flirt with him at parties.

She says, "I get so jealous. I've actually never been as protective over anybody as I am over him... Hopefully, I won't ever need to use any physical force 'cos that would be bad... but I'm not scared to.

"Nobody's making change with Cash but me. I can hold my own. My grandmother is very protective and she sort of taught me how to be protective of your man.

"Whenever women would try to chat up my grandfather and try to be sexy around my grandfather my grandmother would come out in her shortest little DAISY DUKE shorts - and she has a fabulous body, she was a dancer - and she would just dance around in front of my grandfather's friends and just sort of give it to them."

10/07/2005 10:48