Actress Jessica Alba isn't competitive with rival actresses - because she believes they should come together to seek equality with their male counterparts.
The Fantastic Four star has risen to become one of today's biggest Hollywood actresses, competing with fellow movie star pals Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson and Eva Mendes for the top roles.
But Alba doesn't consider her peers a threat - instead urging them to stand up and demand equal pay and similar treatment to male actors.
She says, "I'm not competitive with them (actresses). I root for all of them because we definitely don't have equality with men in this business.
"There are a lot more men making a lot more money and headlining movies than women, and the more of us who can come up and do that the better. I want my friends to produce, direct, act, write, all of it."
She adds, "I think being competitive defeats the whole female movement. I want to be encouraging to my girlfriends. Totally."