FANTASTIC FOUR star Jessica Alba has yet to meet many of her relatives - because a number of them disowned her mother for her inter-racial marriage.

The stunning actress' parents got married when they were still teenagers, after learning they were expecting Alba.

But the relatives of Alba's mother, who is of French and Danish descent, were horrified to learn that she'd decided to settle down with a Mexican.

The actress says, "Part of it was because my father was Mexican, but also because he didn't come from the right kind of family. So I haven't really met them - there are still a lot of skeletons in the closet."

A year after Alba's 1981 birth came the arrival of her brother JOSHUA.

She adds, "The four of us were always each other's best friends. And I think my parents felt like they were defying the odds because they were 18 and 19 when they got married, and everyone thought, 'Oh, you won't stay together."

Alba's parents remain married to this day.