'Modern Family' star Jesse Tyler Ferguson wasn't scared to come out as gay man.

The actor - who plays homosexual character Mitchell Pritchett in the comedy TV series - was determined not to hide his sexuality when he first broke into acting because he thinks you need honesty as an artist.

When asked if it was an issue for him to come out as a gay man, he said: "It was never an issue, no. It wasn't something I'd ever thought about. I never felt 'in' so it didn't feel like it was terribly difficult to be 'out'. This is just my thing, but I think as an actor you have to be very truthful. Good actors come from a place of truth and to me it just felt like I needed to have my cards on the table. It wouldn't have felt comfortable for me to be hiding a piece of myself. That being said I don't talk about my personal life but I'm fine with people knowing I'm gay. I think it actually helps in portraying this character because the gay community sees it as a touchstone."

The 35-year-old star also thinks it is great that American audiences are now embracing so many homosexual characters on TV.

Jesse says lots of gay couples come up to him on the street and praise him for his role in 'Modern Family'.

He added: "It's shocking, isn't it (that gay characters are being embraced)? But also very encouraging. I was prepared for these characters to have a bit of a backlash and it's sort of been the exact opposite. Conservatives come up to us saying, 'You've change my mind about gay marriage,' or, 'I relate to Cameron (Tucker) and Mitchell and I find them very enjoyable and now I'm looking at Bob and Joe down the street and wondering how they're different.' We have gay couples coming up to us, obviously, and saying, 'Thank you so much for being on TV,' or, 'My daughter has someone to point to and say 'That family is just like mine.' "

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