Actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson had to be put on vocal rest after sneezing and rupturing a vocal cord.

The Modern Family star was forced to rearrange his filming schedule to nurse the injury, which set him back $2,000 (Gbp1,333).

He tells U.S. late night host David Letterman, "It's so weird, I was on set and I stifled a sneeze and I haemorrhaged a vocal cord... I had to go to the Emt (emergency medical technician) and he scoped, they put a little camera on the end and they can see any part of your body while you're awake, and it's terrifying, and I had what Adele had, when she was on vocal rest for two months.

"They're like, 'You have got to be on vocal rest for at least a week...' and I was in the middle of shooting. I had to rearrange my whole schedule. I had this pad of paper... (and) I wrote (husband) Justin (Mikita) all these notes.

"The bill came in from the Emt doctor and it was a $2,000 sneeze. I went a whole week without talking and it drove me crazy, it was torture."