Jesse Metcalfe had girlfriend Nadine Coyle's naked body tattooed on his arm after she ditched him earlier this year. The Irish singer ended the relationship in April (07) amid rumours Metcalfe had cheated on her. The Desperate Housewives actor was so heartbroken he had an image of Coyle, nude and lassoing a heart in front of a sun shaped like a map of Ireland. Metcalfe was even filmed talking about the tattoo for a U.S. TV show. Speaking before reports this week (29Aug07) revealed Metcalfe and Coyle have reunited, the actor said, "It's not that I'm not over the break-up, it's just that I really wanted to remember what it felt like to be in that relationship so that I never really go there again. "Everyone has had their heart broken but this is just a reminder not to let it happen again. "I went through a hard break-up. Every tattoo is a memory. I chose to get that tattoo, especially with the heart on the arm, because I choose to wear my heart on my sleeve. "It fits with my personality. I really couldn't be happier with the tattoo. It's the best I have."