DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star Jesse Metcalfe enjoys undressing for the hit TV show's notorious love scenes - because it gives him an excuse to show off his well-toned body.

The 26-year-old acquired his taste for baring all on TV starring in American soap opera PASSIONS, and he's been frantically working out ever since to ensure viewers of the popular new show appreciate his fine physique.

He says, "The thing that most people really want to ask me about is being naked on set. But from being on a soap, I'm pretty used to it. I've had a lot of love scenes of soaps, so I'm pretty accustomed to taking my shirt off and stuff.

"If my shirt is off all the time and I'm on national TV with over 20 million people watching me, I want to look my best. I work out five times a week. I'm lucky because I'm still young and I've got a pretty fast metabolism."

04/03/2005 02:16