Pop hunk Jesse Mccartney isn't even bothering to prepare a speech for Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards because he's convinced he'll come away a loser.

The US singer is nominated in the Best Pop Video category but he's sure he'll lose out to Gwen Stefani.

He says, "I think Gwen's gonna take it, man. I think she deserves it the most. She's just got so much; she's the it girl of 05."

But McCartney won't be upset if he doesn't win - he's heading into the eye of Hurricane Katrina just to see his favourite groups perform at the Miami Beach, Florida event on Sunday (28AUG05).

He says, "One of my favourite bands of all time is Green Day, so I'm really looking forward to seeing Green Day. I can't wait to see The Killers.

"I just hope I get down there, man. Have you heard about all this storm/hurricane business? What's going on?"

McCartney isn't the only star stranded as Florida airports cancel flights amid storm alerts - Lindsay Lohan, Ashlee Simpson and Alicia Keys are also struggling to get to the event.