US pop star Jesse Mccartney was stunned by the reaction to comments he made on a radio station about Jennifer Lopez's alleged pregnancy, insisting he was careless and naive at the time. MCCartney caused huge controversy by claiming on Georgia's Star 94 FM that Lopez pulled out of the upcoming film version of Eighties TV show Dallas because she is expecting a child. And MCCartney was forced to apologise to the singer after his causal 'revelations' sparked off huge media scrutiny of Lopez. He says, "Are you kidding? I woke up befuddled. There were 32 missed phone calls from agents and managers and publicists saying 'What did you say about Jennifer Lopez?' I'd read it in tabloids, I fell for the media bulls**t, something I should never do. People ate it up. "I think they thought I had some first-hand knowledge, but I don't, I don't know her. I was very ignorant and stupid and I apologised sincerely to her. "True or false, no one wants that blasted out to the public when it's none of my business to begin with. It's all good in the 'hood, though. It blew over pretty quickly." MCCartney's girlfriend KATIE CASSIDY will play LUCY EWING in the eagerly-anticipated Texan oil drama.