Review of Mona Lisa (One Little Indian) Single by Jesse Malin

Jesse Malin

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Jesse Malin - Mona Lisa (One Little Indian) - Single Review

Jesse Malin

Mona Lisa

(One Little Indian)

In a time of political propaganda the nimble fingered New York singer/song writer; Jesse Malin succinctly sums up society in ‘Mona Lisa’. Featuring upbeat almost country style guitars and a jangling percussion accompaniment that gives his Neil Young narrative style, words of wisdom a forum any politician would die for (what an a thought, eh?);

Jesse Malin - Mona Lisa (One Little Indian) - Single Review

“Steven’s selling Marijuana uptown to the primadonnas.

Medicate the counterculture 9/11 baby boom,

Paulie’s waiting to retire smoking like a forest fire”.

Way to sum up the modern world Jesse and with such rhythm as well. ‘New World Order’ also from the latest album; ‘The Heat’ gets remixed and this tale of urban life is a prime tingling guitar lead mellow indie offering, that makes you stop and think and then start shimmying. The new B-side ‘Holy Ghost’ that makes up this sincere and captivating release contains a neat slow Eels like build up, before the Mr. E meets Ian McCulloch vocals tackle the topic of changes and how the effect they can have. The combination of this release and his latest album will see Jesse Malin’s sincere and meaningful indie catching some much deserved attention this summer.

David Adair