Jesse James, the American television personality and ex-husband of Sandra Bullock, is set to expand his 'Cisco Burger' franchise, despite reports that he is set to close down his Long Beach Motorcycle Shop, reports
It was announced yesterday (20th October 2010) that the 41-year-old is to shut 'West Coast Choppers' in order to concentrate on his other bike shop in Austin, Texas. The news led many to believe that 'Cisco Burger', which is situated next door to the famed bike shop in California, would also be closing. However, a source close to James says that the business is "kicking ass", and that he intends to expand the franchise to 100 restaurants across the United States.
James rose to fame after appearing on a host of reality television shows, namely, 'Jesse James is a Dead Man' on Spike TV and 'Monster Garage' on the Discovery Channel. He also appeared in the documentary 'Motorcycle Mania', and his bike shop in Long Beach soon gained a reputation for manufacturing custom-made motorcycles. In March 2010, it was revealed that James had had an affair with a tattoo model and stripper while Bullock was on location filming 'The Blind Side', he later publically apologised and the pair split soon after.