Jesse James' mistress insists she is "not a homewrecker".

Tattoo model Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee claims the 'Monster Garage' host - who has been accused of cheating on wife Sandra Bullock with several women - has brought his marital problems with the actress on himself because he claimed to be separated when they first met.

She said: "I am not a home-wrecker. I don't believe I destroyed their marriage. Jesse destroyed his marriage. My message to Jesse would be, 'If you were honest to me up front we wouldn't be in this situation.' "

The model - who claimed to have had an 11-month romance with Jesse - also mocked the motorcycle entrepreneur's decision to enter rehab, accusing him of inventing an addiction to sex.

She added: "I don't know what's going through his head... I was really shocked he went to sex rehab.

"It was a bogus move. I don't know if I buy sex rehab. I think it's an easy thing for celebrities that cheat on their wives."

Michelle admits she feels remorse towards Sandra, but doesn't regret coming forward to expose her affair with Jesse - and even says she would do it again, despite being unhappy with the scrutiny her personal life has come under following her revelations last month.

She added to E! News: "It's hard to be the most hated person in America. It's easy to target someone who looks different.

"I hope Sandra does watch this. I'm sorry this all happened. I want to apologize for her hurt and embarrassment. I'm sorry this went public.

"I knew I was going to get some kind of backlash - this was America's sweetheart. But I would do it again."

While she insists she thought Jesse and Sandra were separated, Michelle admits she had her "suspicions" she wasn't been given the whole truth.

She said: "At that time, I believed him. He made it clear, they weren't together, I believed him. I did have a little bit of my suspicions. I'd mention things to him like, 'Let's go on a ride or out to dinner,' and he said, 'I can't really do that.' "