Jesse Eisenberg shadowed a pizza delivery man before filming '30 Minutes or Less'.

The 'Social Network' actor plays a food delivery boy who is captured by two criminal masterminds in the Rueben Fleischer directed action comedy project, and to get into character he worked with someone who did the job.

He said: "The pizza place where we're filming the movie, they let me go out with this guy Alex, who they thought was most similar to my character.

"I was surprised to realize how similar he was. He was as sarcastic and self-aware as the character is. It was a perfect match for my character.

"Also for the kind of basic logistics of how it is to deliver pizzas and who the costumers are. These guys who kidnap me in gorilla masks are surprisingly not far off from some of the people we met that evening."

The shooting took place prior to him filming his Oscar-nominated role in Facebook movie 'The Social Network', but he was still recognised while shadowing the delivery guy because of his role in 'Adventureland'.

He revealed to "Somebody gave us $5 because they liked 'Adventureland'.