Jesse Eisenberg has made a career out of playing self-deprecating intellectual characters who seem uncomfortable in their own skin, and he appeared in a skit on the Conan O'Brien talk show on Thursday night where he took on O'Brien to determine ".which one of us is the most self-effacing person in show business," or what they called a 'self-efface-off'. According to the Gather Entertainment, Jesse Eisenberg introduced the segment by saying: "I have a bit of a tendency to make fun of myself and put myself down...but there is one celebrity who I believe is almost as self-effacing as I am...maybe more so." Eisenberg made a play for the title with comments such as "I'm sorry, I wasn't listening, I was too busy thinking about how much I hate the shape of my own face." When asked 'what do women like about you most?' Eisenberg claimed that women only like him because "I seem like the kind of guy who would never leave them." O'Brien countered with ".For me that's a trick question it implies that there's something about me that women like."

Eisenburg ultimately walked away with the title of 'most self-effacing man in show business'. He has had a lot of practice though, playing a string of socially awkward outsiders in films such as Zombieland and Adventureland, and most famously his portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network. His new film 30 Minutes or Less is out this week in the US, and has received mixed reviews from the press.