Jesse Eisenberg learned to appreciate magic after filming 'Now You See Me'.

The actor - who plays master magician J. Daniel Atlas in the new action thriller - admits it is more difficult than it looks to perform a magic trick and he was enthralled by how much effort it took to pull off the tricks in the movie.

He said: ''Learning the discipline it takes to perfect these tricks is interesting to me. Even though I know how some things are done, I don't have the dexterity yet to do them. I would equate it to playing basketball and going home and watching basketball; you have a greater appreciation for because you know how difficult it is after playing it.

''We learned how to do these tricks, then we tried to do them ourselves [but] because we haven't practiced for decades, like our characters would have, it's that much more impressive.''

Meanwhile, co-star Isla Fisher - who plays one quarter of magical team The Four Horsemen with Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson and Dave Franco - says the film has made her ''love'' magic.

She told BBC News: ''I love magic now a lot. I'm a lot more interested in magic.''

'Now You See Me' - which also stars Mark Ruffalo, Sir Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman - is in cinemas now.