Jesse Eisenberg, the Hollywood movie star who played Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg in the acclaimed flick 'The Social Network', recently joked about being uncomfortable with undertaking promotional duties for his movies. Eisenberg, noted for his reluctance to take 'the spotlight', attended the premiere of his new comedy '30 Minutes of Less' on Monday (8th August 2011), reports the Los Angeles Times.
Quizzed about his reputation for being "red carpet averse", Eisenberg joked, "I requested a black carpet". The actor claims to have been preparing for his upcoming promotional tour, saying, "I've been practising, laying a carpet in the apartment and having my girlfriend pepper me with questions and I'll deflect them gracefully". In the new dark comedy, Jesse plays a pizza delivery man who is kidnapped, strapped with explosives and forced to rob a bank. When asked about getting into character for the unique role, Eisenberg said he even hung out with a real-life delivery guy, adding, "You wanna do as much as you can so by the time you show up on set and there's big lights set up that you feel prepared".
Jesse is currently shooting Woody Allen's latest comedy flick 'The Bop Decameron' with Ellen Page and Greta Gerwig. Information on the movie's plot has been kept safely under wraps, although reports suggest it could be a contemporary adaptation of Giovanni Boccaccio's 'The Decameron'.