The Social Network star shares that he likes to play roles with a dark element or edge because he gets to take on a whole new persona unlike his own personality.

"I play bad guys in movies if possible because I feel more sympathy for the guy who's tortured than the guy who is confident," he told Time Out London.

The New York native adds that he initially wanted to play amateur magician J. Daniel "Danny" Atlas in 2013's caper film Now You See Me because the character is naturally confident, which he claims is in direct contrast to himself. Accordingly, the 32-year-old is looking forward to reprising the role in the upcoming second instalment of the franchise.

"That's why I'm probably going to do a third Now You See Me: I get to play this brash, arrogant magician, while in my life I'm a shy, quiet person and I grew up with no social life. It's a great outlet to play these characters," he explained.

As he freely admits to being anxious about performing, it may come as surprise that the star is set to make his British theatre debut in his own play, The Spoils.

Of the show, in which Jesse plays a rich, entitled, unpleasant narcissist, he say the narrative is very personal but not autobiographical. It's the third play Jesse has written and starred in, and he admits he prefers to do his own plays rather than traditional theatre or musicals.

"Doing a play takes a lot out of me. I cannot forget about it: my days are consumed with feeling anxious about the show, thinking of every situation that could go wrong. I do these plays because they're incredibly personal to me, but theatre in general makes me very nervous," he explained.

The Spoils, which is being presented at London’s Trafalgar Studios, begins previews on 27 May and runs until 13 August (16).