Jesse Eisenberg says he can relate to the character he plays in new film 'Night Movies'.

Jesse, 30, plays the role of an eco-warrior who blows up a hydro-electric dam, and revealed that a combination of personal experience and research helped him to excel.

He said: ''I used to protest on behalf of my Burmese friends at the United Nations. It was for the release of the Nobel Peace Prize winner [Aung San Suu Kyi] who had been under house arrest for years.

''I went to two, and on the third I must have had the date wrong. I asked the guard outside: 'Do you know when the Burmese protest is?' and he cursed at me. I stopped after that.''

Jesse - who previously starred in 'The Social Network' and 'Zombieland' - revealed he did research before filming the new movie.

He explained: ''I learned about various activist organisations in the US who do things you would consider destructive.

''I also worked and lived on the farm my character lives on, so I would have an understanding of his lifestyle. The character feels marginalised by society.''

'Night Movies' is available in select cinemas from August 29.