The quick-witted actor is back as magician J. Daniel 'Danny' Atlas, leader of the Four Horsemen group, in Now You See Me 2 - a sequel to the popular 2013 flick. While promoting the movies Jesse has been quizzed countless times about what happened behind the scenes, especially when it came to practical jokes.

"None is the answer of course," he said on Late Night with Seth Meyers. "But the other answer is, when does anybody pull pranks ever, anywhere?... No one does that, and we're all adults, working. My dad is a college teacher, no one asks him, 'Hey, did the sociology teacher put a whoopie cushion under the anthropology teacher?'"

Heartthrob Clooney is famous for his comedy moments backstage, and host Seth speculated that the Hollywood star's mischievous behaviour on set is probably the root of the prank question.

"George Clooney?" Jesse mused. "That's true? Oh really? Now I feel horrible that I've offended the most important person in the film industry."

While he impresses with his illusions in front of the camera in Now You See Me 2, Jesse admits he had a lot of help with the majority of them. The cast were aided by magic consultants, who have spent most of their lives learning tricks, on the set of the movie.

Jesse, 32, added that he's a terrible magician as he doesn't have the right personality to fool people.

"I'm riddled with guilt, so that applies to everything in my life," he explained. "So when I'm doing a trick, halfway through the trick, I'll apologise, then at the end of the trick, I'll tell them how I did it. I can't live with myself knowing that I know something they don't."

He further joked that to apologise for ruining the illusion he'd send a card and flowers, laughing: "I feel like it's not enough just with the verbal apology."

Now You See Me 2 also stars Mark Ruffalo, Michael Caine and Daniel Radcliffe, and is out in cinemas from this week (beg06Jun16).