Actor Jesse Eisenberg sparked a major Hollywood studio scare while he was making film THE SOCIAL NETWORK when he defied his director's orders and attempted to meet the cyberspace billionaire he was portraying.
Moviemaker David Fincher forbade his star from having any association with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and was shocked to learn the actor had taken off on a road trip to Northern California to meet the man he was playing.
Eisenberg tells The Hollywood Reporter, "We were discouraged from meeting people at Facebook and researching the characters, but it was so tempting and ultimately impossible not to.
"I drove up to Facebook twice and I got a call on the way up and was yelled at by people who were working on the movie. They said I should not go, that it would be a bad thing.
"(I wanted) to go in and just meet Zuckerberg. I just felt like, how could I not attempt to meet the guy I'm playing?'"