Actor Jesse Eisenberg had a hard time filming theme park scenes for his new movie ADVENTURELAND - because he hates fairgrounds.
The Cursed star avoided amusement parks as a child because the food made him sick and he was terrified he would die on the white-knuckle rides.
And he admits shooting Adventureland - in which he plays a college graduate who takes a low-paid job at a theme park - brought back a flood of frightening childhood memories.
He says, "There was a local fairground near my house growing up in New Jersey that came once a year. It was a miserable experience for me because the pressure of having to bring a friend and go frightened me. Also the food always made me sick so I just hated going there.
"We also had a Six Flags Great Adventure... As soon as I turned 54 inches I went there because then I could go on the rides. But that made me miserable too because I always thought the rides would flip over and kill me. I always got sick on rides."