Jess Glynne pretends that she isn't a pop star when fans meet her in the street.

The 'These Days' hitmaker still finds it surreal that she is famous but she has learned how to avoid awkward fan encounters by telling people she's not Jess Glynne, she just looks like her.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph newspaper, she laughed: ''I'll be walking and a voice goes, 'Oh my god, are you her?' I just say 'No, it's the hair.' I've never felt I look like a pop star. What is a pop star supposed to look like?''

The 28-year-old singer also opened up about her sexuality and how she wishes people wouldn't judge her music based on who she loves.

She spilled: ''In my life, I've never put myself in a box. I don't think it should matter one way or another. Making music isn't about my sexual preference.''

The 'Insecurities' singer also confessed she previously felt ''lost'' about who she is on stage and at home, but she's now comfortable with being herself all the time.

She said: ''For a while I felt a bit lost. But then I thought, 'It's OK to be in-between, it's OK to love who I want to love, to be who I am in public and be who I am at home, it's all just me'.''

Jess also discussed sexism within the music business and revealed she is aware many female artists feel pressure to flash the flesh to be successful, and she believes that will only change when women refuse to do it.

The 'Rather Be' singer - who releases her second studio album 'Always Inbetween' on September 21 - said: ''Men don't get that. There's double standards.''

She added that ''part of the problem is girls abide by it. I may not be the most innocent, but I would never wear anything or do anything that felt uncomfortable.''