Jersey Shore star Deena Cortese has found herself in court for quite bizarre reasons. According to a story from USA Today, Deena, 24, was caught dancing in the middle of the road on June 24 and it seems that the courts weren't entirely sure what to charge her with, to start with, but they made sure they got her in the end.
A tearful Cortese eventually pleaded guilty to the crime of 'not using a sidewalk,' which is apparently a criminal offence in New Jersey. Police picked up the drunken reality TV star because they caught her dancing in the middle of the road and holding up heavy summer traffic. However, there wasn't enough evidence to charge her with the more serious offence of "dancing in a roadway and interfering with the flow of traffic" so the troublesome TV star got herself a ticking off from the judge who told her off for wasting police time. The judge wasn't the only person giving Deena a piece of their mind, either. Outside the courtroom, her mother was heard telling her that the judge "doesn't want to see you in that courtroom again."
Deena's lawyer, Michael Pappa told Associated Press "She knew she made a mistake and she regrets what she did. She took this situation very seriously. She was very upset about getting arrested and having to go to the police station, and she was very apologetic to the police officers."