Jersey Girl director Kevin Smith has hit back at claims he has re-edited his upcoming movie to reduce Jennifer Lopez's time on-screen in the wake of flop flick Gigli.

Smith - who is a longtime pal of J.LO's fiance BEN AFFLECK - is furious after he agreed to do an interview with the NEW YORK POST and journalist LAURA HOLSEN ran a story claiming he was worried by the lack of sexual chemistry between the real-life lovers.

Smith fumes, "This is the part of the article with which I take issue the most (and why I’ll never talk to another journalist who doesn’t utilize some form of recording device other than a pen and paper again). I never… never… said, implied, or inferred anything regarding a lack of chemistry between Ben and Jen.

"Maybe I’m deluded and biased, but I’m the only motherf***er out there in the press who’s been maintaining they have great chemistry since day one."

Smith went on to concede that distributor Miramax has decided to play down Lopez's part - which is little more than an extended cameo anyway - and will be concentrating on Affleck and his child co-star Raquel Castro as a selling point.

19/08/2003 09:07