Movie mogul Jerry Weintraub is a happily married man despite living with his mistress - because the two women have overcome their differences and become "best friends".
The Ocean's Eleven producer married his wife Jane in 1965, but later found love with mistress Susan Ekins.
Weintraub approached his spouse about getting a divorce, but Jane rejected the idea of splitting up, fearing they would squander his millions paying for the divorce proceedings alone.
The trio now live an unconventional home life - but Weintraub insists it all works out.
He explains, "They make it work. I'm very much in love with my wife, we've been married 48 years and I met this other woman and I'm very much in love with her.
"We didn't get a divorce because we (he and his wife) didn't want to screw up our estate. I worked very hard for my money. I started out with nothing and ended up with a lot. She didn't want to give it away to lawyers. She said, 'Go to Susie and and ask Susie if she needs to be married.' Susie said no, and they became best friends."