Movie mogul Jerry Weintraub fears tourists and film fans will always think he's far from well endowed thanks to a prank George Clooney pulled when the producer and his OCEAN'S ELEVEN stars were immortalised in concrete.
Clooney, Matt Damon and Brad Pitt were asked to place their hands and feet in cement outside Hollywood landmark Grauman's Chinese Theatre and told Walk of Fame officials they'd only do it if Weintraub joined them.
The producer was thrilled but had no idea Clooney would make him feel small on the big day.
He recalls, "Clooney went out and bought three size 14 pairs of shoes. My shoes are (size) 10, so when we put our feet in cement, Pitt, Damon and George have these huge feet... and 50 years from now they're gonna come and look at my feet and say, 'Weintraub had a problem.'"