TV host Jerry Springer has branded America's military action in Iraq "insane".
The controversial star claims the invasion was based on flawed logic and has destroyed the United States' reputation throughout the world.
He says, "That never made sense to me, even if (George W) Bush was telling the truth about Weapons of Mass Destruction - in fact, particularly if he was telling the truth about Weapons of Mass Destruction. Why the hell would you bomb a country that could fire back? That would be insane.
"Bush did real damage to America's reputation around the world."
And Springer also slams the U.K. government's recent decision to hold terrorist suspects in jail for 42 days without bringing charges.
He adds: "You can't have the government determining how long people are imprisoned for. That's the job of the courts. Habeas corpus (a suspect's right to a court hearing) is a right that goes back to the Magna Carta, and governments can't infringe upon that."