TV veteran Jerry Springer has slammed British chat shows - claiming the UK is a decade behind American TV.

Springer is set to launch a new chat show on UK TV network ITV1, after years of entertaining American audiences with The Jerry Springer Show.

Springer says, "Your talk shows are like ours were 10 years ago. They plod along - it could be radio.

"Virtually all live shows could be on radio. That's not a criticism - it's just newer to you here.

"Ours is entertainment. Big difference. Our show is a circus, period. You want to be part of the circus, with a big wink? Come on. But if you say 'this is what's happening in the world, this is news,' you have a responsibility to be truthful."

The former Cincinnati, Ohio, mayor did however praise Britain for leading the way with documentaries.

He adds, "What you do great are your documentaries. You still do TV with a stiff upper lip and when you do that it's excellent, the best there is."

31/05/2005 03:21