Controversial chat show host Jerry Springer once left a US TV personality highly disgusted, when he sent one of his assistants to ask her out on a date.

Leeann Tweeden, host of THE BEST DAMN SPORTS SHOW PERIOD and NASCAR NATION, was one of a selection of models appearing on British-born Springer's talk show a number of years ago, and was stunned when he tried to take out any of the willing ladies.

She tells FHM, "I don't like guys who think they're going to get whatever they want.

"I was doing a fashion segment on The Jerry Springer Show a long time ago. After taping, he had his assistant find out which of the girls were single, which I was. She said to me, 'Jerry wants to know if you'd like to go somewhere with him.'

"I said no. Then she replied, 'Well, can he call you?' She just didn't understand. I'm not a bitch right off the bat, but I can be."