Jerry Springer insists nobody with a ''serious problem'' should go on his TV talk show to fix it.

The 74-year-old star has welcomed an array of wild and wacky guests onto 'The Jerry Springer Show' since it launched in 1991, with memorable episodes including, ''I Married A Horse'', ''I'm Happy I Cut Off My Legs'' and ''You Slept With My Stripper Sister''.

Although Jerry hopes he does help the people who come on his programme he is adamant that if someone has a personal issue with has big consequences for their life then they should seek professional help rather than come to him.

Speaking to the Daily Express newspaper, he said: ''We don't deal with serious issues on the show. People get angry but it's about things like dating. We don't do pregnancy tests or anything that is life-changing. It is a silly show and I don't think that if you have a serious problem you should go on television. I mean, you go and see a doctor, a psychiatrist or a psychologist, maybe a counsellor. This is TV. That is all it is.''

Jerry believes the show has lasted for 27 years because it has never been presented as a serious talk show or as being anything other than entertainment.

The former lawyer is convinced the reason viewers keep tuning in is because they love the ''outrageous'' people who are willing to come on and share the crazy drama in their lives.

Jerry mused: ''The show has lasted so long because it is stupid. It has got a niche. It is about outrageous personal relationships and because it is so outrageous other shows don't try and copy it. It is so crazy we own that turf. And we aim towards young people.''