The House of Lords has refused to hear a petition of appeal accusing the BBC of blasphemy.

Christian Voice, an activist group, had been seeking to overturn a high court ruling that prevented it from bringing a case against the BBC for airing the controversial show Jerry Springer – The Opera.

However, the Lords rejected the petition as it did "not raise an arguable point of law of general public importance".

Stephen Green, the national director of Christian Voice, said today: "It brings down the judgement of God on us all.

"I love my neighbour and I do not want that to happen."

Last year the group had tried to sue BBC director general Mark Thompson for airing the show.

The move however was blocked by the City of Westminster magistrates court and later by the high court.

At the time Michael Gledhill QC representing Mr Green said the show was "an offensive, spiteful, systematic mockery and wilful denigration of Christian belief".

The show was recently staged in New York, with Harvey Keitel playing the lead role.

05/03/2008 15:57:02