In a legal response to a slander lawsuit brought by cookbook writer Missy Chase Lapine and published Tuesday by the website, Jerry Seinfeld says that his recent televised remarks about her were consistent with a "recurring theme" in his performances about the "litigious nature of society." Lapine had initially sued Seinfeld's wife Jessica, claiming that she plagiarized Lapine's recipes for her own cookbook. Referring to the plagiarism suit, Seinfeld said on the David Letterman program that Lapine was a "hysterical ... three name woman," adding, "If you read history, many of the three-name people do become assassins." He said that another (unnamed) woman who had written a book about vegetables had accused Jessica of "vegetable plagiarism." In addition, he recalled an episode of Seinfeld in which the character Cosmo Kramer filed a lawsuit after spilling coffee on himself in a movie theater. And in the movie, Bee Movie, he pointed out, the main character, a bee, sues the human race for holding bees captive "in smoky shoddy fake hives" and particularly focuses his attention on celebrities including Sting, "whose name is obviously offensive to bees."