Jerry Seinfeld 's new web-based comedy received its premiere last night. Entitled 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,' the title turns out to be pretty self-explanatory. The first 13-minute episode saw Seinfeld driving around in one of his many classic cars, chatting with old pal and fellow comedian Larry David. The pair cruise about in the car for a while, they get coffee, they continue their conversation in a diner. They make people laugh. That's what they do.
During their chats, Seinfeld and David chat about their time working together in the past. Jerry says to Larry "It's a miracle we ever got any work done. Nobody can waste time like you and me". The comedy plays out much like one of their sitcoms - Seinfeld, or Curb Your Enthusiasm, with Larry complaining that he doesn't care for hot food at lunch time. Meanwhile, Jerry explains that he doesn't find pancakes appealing unless they are warm. Other guests known to be joining Seinfeld in future episodes include Ricky Gervais, Alex Baldwin and Michael Richards.
Seinfeld is known to be an enthusiastic collector of vintage cars and is thought to own a staggering 46 Porsches. His fleet reportedly includes the first Porsche 911 ever manufactured, as well as the last. His Porsche 959 is one of only 337 ever made. The series has been produced in conjunction with Crackle, the online outlet for Sony Pictures Entertainment.