A chef who claims comedian Jerry Seinfeld's wife plagiarised her cookbook has now accused the funnyman "scaring" her young daughter.
Chef Missy Chase Lapine sued Seinfeld's wife Jessica in January (08), claiming Seinfeld's bestselling cookbook Deceptively Delicious had been "brazenly plagiarised" from her own tome, The Sneaky Chef.
Both books describe how to hide healthy ingredients in children's food.
Seinfeld's subsequent appearance on U.S. TV show The Late Show with David Letterman - where he joked, "Many of the three-named people do become assassins" and called Lapine a "wacko" and "mentally unhinged celebrity stalker" - prompted the chef to add a defamation charge against the funnyman.
In federal court documents filed on Tuesday (28Oct08), Lapine says she "started feeling scared" by the incident.
She adds: "I have never felt so frightened and vulnerable as the day my daughter, seven years old, came home from school and asked, 'Mom, what is an assassin?'
"I thought I made a big mistake talking to any reporters because now this billionaire is angry and attacking me everywhere.
"I do not suffer from any mental infirmity. I am not a celebrity stalker. I am not a violent or dangerous person."
Seinfeld's lawyers are vying to get the defamation suit against him dismissed, insisting "mocking the litigious nature of society" is protected by his First Amendment right to freedom of speech.