It wasn't exactly a honey of a weekend at the box office over the Veterans' Day holiday, despite the flight of Jerry Seinfeld's Bee Movie to the top of the list in its second week from No. 2 a week ago. The animated film from Dreamworks Animation recorded a three-day take of $26 million, just ahead of last week's winner, Universal's American Gangster, with $24 million. But Warner Bros.' Fred Claus, which many box-office forecasters had predicted would land ahead of the two holdovers, earned only $19 million, to place third. And MGM's Lions for Lambs opened with a tame $7 million. Overall, the box office was down 11.6 percent from the same week a year ago.

The top ten films over the weekend, according to final figures compiled by Media by Numbers (figures in parentheses represent total gross to date):
1. Bee Movie, Paramount, $25,565,462, 2 Wks. ($71,779,597); 2. American Gangster, Universal, $24,028,445, 2 Wks. ($80,388,420); 3. Fred Claus, Warner Bros., $18,515,473, (New); 4. Lions For Lambs, MGM, $6,702,434, (New); 5. Dan in Real Life, Disney, $6,002,717, 3 Wks. ($30,809,056); 6. Saw IV, Lions Gate, $4,949,812, 3 Wks. ($58,026,020); 7 . The Game Plan, Disney, $2,462,122, 7 Wks. ($85,466,069); 8. 30 Days of Night, Sony, $2,172,031, 4 Wks. ($37,430,374); 9. P2, Summit, $2,083,398, (New); 10 . The Martian Child, New Line, $1,843,767, 2 Wks. ($6,106,881).