Jerry O'connell was so shocked by the price of diamonds when he was hunting for an engagement ring for his fiancee Rebecca Romijn, he was tempted to buy her a cubic zirconia instead.

The KANGAROO JACK star proposed to blonde beauty Romijn last month (SEP05), and handed her a stunning diamond ring after she accepted. But he admits that he'd have happily settled for a cheaper gem, because he knows so little about jewellery.

He says, "The scariest part is getting the ring, because I have never bought a piece of bling in my life. First of all, I never realised how expensive jewellery is. It's really expensive!

"And then you learn the different stones. There's diamonds, which are everybody's best fried. But I learned what a cubic zirconia is, abbreviated as CZ. And I was like, 'Wow, look at all these jewels, this is amazing! What's that big one there?' They were like, 'Oh, that's CZ - cubic zirconia.' And I was like, 'How much is that one?' They were like, 'Substantially less.' I was like, 'Well, what's wrong with those?'

"It's not a diamond, though - and if you get caught you're busted! You can't get busted with CZ. Now if I were a rapper and I had to have a lot of jewels for work, I'd have CZ all over me."