Actor Jerry O'connell is providing an extra-special service to his girlfriend REBECCA ROMIJN - as her personal chauffeur.

While the actress shoots the pilot for her drama PEPPER DENNIS, O'Connell has been busy shuttling the blonde beauty around.

He says, "She's been working these insanely long hours. Like 16-hour days! So I drop her off and pick her up - every day."

Thrilled Romijn adds, "He even went to get coffee for me and ended up having to get it for everyone on-set. He's so sweet."

But O'Connell is quick to point out that there is the odd disadvantage to dating the X-MEN star.

He explains, "We were at the (LOS ANGELES) DODGERS game last week, and I had to constantly fend off guys trying to come up to her. I'm not out of shape or anything, but these were some big guys!"

12/05/2005 08:57