Actor Jerry O'connell was petrified in the days before he proposed to his fiancee Rebecca Romijn, because he feared somebody would rob him of the expensive ring he bought for her.

The KANGAROO JACK star spent a small fortune on a diamond ring for the blonde beauty ahead of asking for her hand in marriage last month (SEP05).

And he admits keeping the ring secure was as nerve wracking as the proposal itself.

O'Connell says, "I bought a car and that's a big cheque, but it's a car and you get an alarm and you get a lo-jack and you get the club and you're able to protect it. And you only park it where someone can watch it under a light.

"I bought an apartment, that was a big cheque, and you get to lock the door and there's a gate.

"But a ring is like something you just have in your pocket, man. The only security you have is like your jeans. And when I would have that in my pocket - and I carried it around for a couple weeks - it was all I could think about."