KANGAROO JACK star Jerry O'connell has been miserable over the past few weeks - because he's still in shock at having turned 30.

The Hollywood hunk, ex-boyfriend of former SPICE GIRL Geri Halliwell, celebrated his big day on 17 February (04), but admits he still hasn't been able to come to terms with entering his fourth decade of life.

He says, "I just turned 30 and it's very upsetting. I was trying to keep it (quiet), but I guess that's pretty much out of the bag!

"I do things now that I never used to do, like the music is like very loud (for me). I'm like, 'Why does he have to play that music so loud?' I turn on the radio, I'm like, 'What is this music? It's crazy!'"

01/04/2004 13:26