The couple took off to the French capital to film their new TV movie, Love Locks, about a couple who return to the famous bridge of locks years after sealing their love there, and they were hoping their little padlock would still be there - but officials removed all the items from the tourist attraction back in 2015.

"The film's about a young couple who puts a lock on the bridge and then comes back 20 years later, and it's a super cute story," the actor tells Access Hollywood Live.

"In real life, my wife and I had put one of those locks on the bridge... Spoiler alert, but they did take our real-life lock down. We should say these are beautiful landmarks in Paris and we don't want them ruined by all these crazy locks going on there..."

The padlocks that weighed heavily on the sides of the Pont des Arts were removed by city workers.

Paris culture department official Bruno Julliard, who supervised the removal of the locks, said the removal of the locks was necessary for security and aesthetic reasons.

Meanwhile, Jerry admits he had to fight to portray his wife's lover in the new Hallmark channel film, because producers didn't consider him for the role.

"My wife was offered the role and then they were looking at dudes to play her love interest and I read the script... and I was like, 'They should give this job to me!'" he explains. "My wife was was like, 'Let me make some calls and see what I can do'.

"The most romantic part (was) we got to go to Paris without our children, so really I have to thank Hallmark; it was a really romantic experience."